Wednesday, 18 January 2012

a doh! moment :/

I had totally forgotten that I had started this until I saw it in my favourites bar -_- I'm such a dope.. I think today is one of those days that everything just piles on top of you and gets a bit much. I trying to write two assignments which I have left WAAAY to late (hand in next week, HELP!) I keep making resolutions to be more productive and manage my time more efficiently but it never really happens and I try and avoid work as much as possible.. Some of you may be thinking why am I wasting time writing this instead of doing my work.. (I am also thinking the same! :( ) I think that writing it all down just helps to calm my nerves abit. On the plus side I have sat down with my mam and figured out a game plan for my horse :) going to try and get to as many events as possible and hopefully (fingers crossed X ) bring her to uni in September to have better facilities to work with her :) I was aimlessly browsing through my fb photos earlier and found some of the ponies which made me happy :D 
lady pony :)

f. pony (I promise I am not cutting her in half with the girth,, it's fluff!