Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Easter Catch Up :)

Life has been so hectic these past couple of months that although I have been saying to myself 'I must blog soon' I haven't got round to it. :/ I got to spend three lovely weeks at home with my family, friends and ponies :) during this time I realised how quickly your views and opinions on life can change and how quickly you can turn your own life around into the direction you would like it to be heading in.. I also realised the massive effect other people can have on your own goals, attitudes and beliefs. Surrounding myself with the right people has kicked me into gear and made me aim for the things that I always thought were out of reach.

Easter holidays were the first real chance for me to start riding my pony properly since August last year (due to injury) I had forgotten how much she helps me out and now feel really guilty that I thought such bad things about her and doubted her abilities. We went Cross Country Schooling at Pembrey Country Park and it made me realise how her whole attitude has changed for the better :) From now on I am going to make her a priority (along with degree, family etc) in my life and try and improve and showcase her little talents. Whatever happens she will always be my little fat, hairy homebred!

i heart my pony :) 

just trotting along 

I am usually pretty pessimistic about life but for once I am actually really happy as to the things that I have going on. I am sooo excited for summer and hope we have some really nice weather to enjoy!

ttfn :) x