Monday, 25 June 2012

Love of the Day :)

image from: check it out :) 
i'm sure you'll become addicted too!!

i found following this post rather fun.. it meant i could lust over clothes which i don't really need another excuse to do haa. 

I cannot help but post about shorts. I love shorts. I think they are so versatile for both day and night and can go with anything.. So my clothing item of the day is these  (phew that's a long link, note to self. must figure out how to do links properly..)

I like (sorry, love) these shorts as they are my favourite shade of pink.. a nice coraly colour i'd say and i love the detailing on them, i think the daisy pearls are just sooo pretty :) 

I loved taking part in this, comment links to yours below and i can lust over your items too :)

ttfn, amy :) x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Easter Catch Up :)

Life has been so hectic these past couple of months that although I have been saying to myself 'I must blog soon' I haven't got round to it. :/ I got to spend three lovely weeks at home with my family, friends and ponies :) during this time I realised how quickly your views and opinions on life can change and how quickly you can turn your own life around into the direction you would like it to be heading in.. I also realised the massive effect other people can have on your own goals, attitudes and beliefs. Surrounding myself with the right people has kicked me into gear and made me aim for the things that I always thought were out of reach.

Easter holidays were the first real chance for me to start riding my pony properly since August last year (due to injury) I had forgotten how much she helps me out and now feel really guilty that I thought such bad things about her and doubted her abilities. We went Cross Country Schooling at Pembrey Country Park and it made me realise how her whole attitude has changed for the better :) From now on I am going to make her a priority (along with degree, family etc) in my life and try and improve and showcase her little talents. Whatever happens she will always be my little fat, hairy homebred!

i heart my pony :) 

just trotting along 

I am usually pretty pessimistic about life but for once I am actually really happy as to the things that I have going on. I am sooo excited for summer and hope we have some really nice weather to enjoy!

ttfn :) x 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Life Update. . .

Life has been quite hectic recently so I thought I would post a little update! :)

#1 A friend and I managed to get One Direction tickets for next March!! I'm suppeeerrr excited and can't wait even though it is a year away. Slightly worried that two 21 year old's may look kinda sad in the middle of all the young teenagers :/ but oh well,, you only live once and since I skipped the whole 'boy band obsession' during my teenage years I think I'm entitled to a little (life- engrossing) obsession now ;)
Oh Yes ♥   

#2 I bought myself a pot of Carmex lip balm today and I have to say it is THE.BEST.LIPBALM.EVER!

#3 Off (with same friend as above, Hanny she is the best  ) to see The Wanted on Thursday :) looking forward to this!!

#4 Started reading the Katie Price Books. Initially I thought that these wouldn't be the kind of books I would enjoy.. The best books I have read would have to be Jilly Cooper novels, How To Kill a Mockingbird and Wuthering Heights <3 (and love the HP and Twilight ones of course!) I also love the covers on these books and think they look so pretty :)

#5 (final point I promise :P ) I lost my beloved GOSH kohl eyeliner :( Any recommendations for eye-liner's that don't make you look like a panda on a night out when you've been dancing like a goon?!

and one final picture. . . when university life is stressing you out. . .
Hug the Pony ♥   

Thursday, 23 February 2012

love and hate ♥


  • my bed
  • t- shirts
  • cute metal tins and storage things
  • lana del ray 
  • 1D (as usual :P)
  • my hair (makes a change!)
  • true friends 


Sam  ♥

  • constant bitching and rivalry
  • missing my family
  • not being able to see my ponies
  • the amount of assignments i have due in :(

couldn't live without this atm. . .  Sam P  ♥

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

a doh! moment :/

I had totally forgotten that I had started this until I saw it in my favourites bar -_- I'm such a dope.. I think today is one of those days that everything just piles on top of you and gets a bit much. I trying to write two assignments which I have left WAAAY to late (hand in next week, HELP!) I keep making resolutions to be more productive and manage my time more efficiently but it never really happens and I try and avoid work as much as possible.. Some of you may be thinking why am I wasting time writing this instead of doing my work.. (I am also thinking the same! :( ) I think that writing it all down just helps to calm my nerves abit. On the plus side I have sat down with my mam and figured out a game plan for my horse :) going to try and get to as many events as possible and hopefully (fingers crossed X ) bring her to uni in September to have better facilities to work with her :) I was aimlessly browsing through my fb photos earlier and found some of the ponies which made me happy :D 
lady pony :)

f. pony (I promise I am not cutting her in half with the girth,, it's fluff!