Monday, 27 February 2012

Life Update. . .

Life has been quite hectic recently so I thought I would post a little update! :)

#1 A friend and I managed to get One Direction tickets for next March!! I'm suppeeerrr excited and can't wait even though it is a year away. Slightly worried that two 21 year old's may look kinda sad in the middle of all the young teenagers :/ but oh well,, you only live once and since I skipped the whole 'boy band obsession' during my teenage years I think I'm entitled to a little (life- engrossing) obsession now ;)
Oh Yes ♥   

#2 I bought myself a pot of Carmex lip balm today and I have to say it is THE.BEST.LIPBALM.EVER!

#3 Off (with same friend as above, Hanny she is the best  ) to see The Wanted on Thursday :) looking forward to this!!

#4 Started reading the Katie Price Books. Initially I thought that these wouldn't be the kind of books I would enjoy.. The best books I have read would have to be Jilly Cooper novels, How To Kill a Mockingbird and Wuthering Heights <3 (and love the HP and Twilight ones of course!) I also love the covers on these books and think they look so pretty :)

#5 (final point I promise :P ) I lost my beloved GOSH kohl eyeliner :( Any recommendations for eye-liner's that don't make you look like a panda on a night out when you've been dancing like a goon?!

and one final picture. . . when university life is stressing you out. . .
Hug the Pony ♥   

Thursday, 23 February 2012

love and hate ♥


  • my bed
  • t- shirts
  • cute metal tins and storage things
  • lana del ray 
  • 1D (as usual :P)
  • my hair (makes a change!)
  • true friends 


Sam  ♥

  • constant bitching and rivalry
  • missing my family
  • not being able to see my ponies
  • the amount of assignments i have due in :(

couldn't live without this atm. . .  Sam P  ♥