Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My first ever. . .

. . post into the scary word of on-line blogging! I should probably explain a bit about this blog to you and a bit about myself. Have you ever had one of those days were you just wonder 'what the heck is going on in my life and where is it heading?' well I've been thinking that for the past week or so. I'm Amy, a pretty average 19 year old, I live with my mum and have two horses, a dog and some fish. I love horse riding and my passion is eventing (to all you non horsey peeps, Google it!) sadly for me eventing is an expensive sport to be competitive in and I'm not exactly rolling around in money. (but you have horses, your rich! wrong! I would have a more comfortable lifestyle without them!) I'm currently waiting to return to do my 2nd year of my Equine Business Management degree at Warwickshire College and hope to find a nice well paid 9-5 job that will fund the lifestyle I would like to live (nice house, stables, car, lorry, couple of horses, event once a month, and a nice husband preferably a rugby player ;) not asking for much is it?!) Aside from horses I LOVE make up and all things girly. I wouldn't describe myself as a trend setter but I do like to keep up with the fashions that I like. Since going to uni I have found that I have grown up allot and also 'found myself'. (sounds cliche I know) So this blog is basically the day-to-day musings of my life and will be a mixture of girliness and horses which I hope at least one person will enjoy reading or be able to relate to. If that doesn't happen however then  I will be able to look back on this and wonder 'what on earth was I going on about'      t.t.f.n :) x

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