Monday, 25 June 2012

Love of the Day :)

image from: check it out :) 
i'm sure you'll become addicted too!!

i found following this post rather fun.. it meant i could lust over clothes which i don't really need another excuse to do haa. 

I cannot help but post about shorts. I love shorts. I think they are so versatile for both day and night and can go with anything.. So my clothing item of the day is these  (phew that's a long link, note to self. must figure out how to do links properly..)

I like (sorry, love) these shorts as they are my favourite shade of pink.. a nice coraly colour i'd say and i love the detailing on them, i think the daisy pearls are just sooo pretty :) 

I loved taking part in this, comment links to yours below and i can lust over your items too :)

ttfn, amy :) x

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